Implication Of Malaysias Movement Management Order In The Direction Of On-line Information Reading Preference Among Public University College Students Rahman Jurnal Komunikasi Ikatan Sarjana Komunikasi Indonesia

A complete of 400 respondents had been involved in this research, and attention-grabbing findings had been discovered. The study was purposively targeted on random public university college students inside The Klang Valley, due to the reality that college students from these universities had been the nation’s catalyst of change ever since. Conclusively, this paper offers significant insights for media practitioners and customers in developing pertinent methods for better maneuvering such challenges in our digital future.

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Online information publication had undergone revolutionary modifications because the fall of Berlin Wall, 09 November 1989. This phenomena has brought huge implications to media audience, predominantly among college college students – of which, utilizing a lot of the online information material for his or her academic references. The on-line news grew to become main reading materials for the university college students in deriving latest info, especially on COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, this research was performed to establish its implications, news preferences, and satisfaction levels. This purposive random quantitative examine had been performed by disseminating questionnaires via online, due to the restriction of movements.

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  • The relationship between perceived media dependency, use of different info sources, and basic belief in mass media.
  • & Didegah, F.
  • Online news publication had undergone revolutionary adjustments because the fall of Berlin Wall, 09 November 1989.
  • A total of four hundred respondents were involved in this examine, and attention-grabbing findings had been discovered.
  • No alternatives?

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