Graphics – based on original designs and/or photographic content serve a wide variety of essential functions in today’s Internet marketplace. Our goal is to develop for you the kind of customized designs, illustrations, logos, banners, etc. that fits into the mission of your business and complements the analytic and  promotional content for your business.

There are endless functions for graphics these days. Here are some:

  • Logos

  • Banners
  • Decorative Website Components
  • Book and Album Covers
  • Story Boards

  • Gaming Illustrations

  • Comic Book Art

  • Commercial Art

  • Web/Promotional Art

Robert Zailo is an independent business owner who brings to New Galaxy Business as our official graphic designer,  a wide variety of possibilities as has worked in so many diverse areas conforming to his large spectrum of interest in certain areas of popular culture and commercial art.


He began as a comic book artist, an interest that has never left him- but now includes the creation of storyboards, book covers, gaming illustrations, commercial advertisings, logos and product design. This included various years as a scenic painter, developing projects for a multitude of clients, including FAO Schwartz, Knots Berry Farm, Disneyland,  Disneyland Tokyo and Staples Center. His ability to work with clients is undoubtedly enhanced by his experience in teaching students`a wide range of artistic disciplines- such as cartoons, water color, illustration- but also martial arts, another special interest. In developing and teaching his own form of martial arts and working with students of many capacities and talents, he has now has developed the empathy and objectivity to work with commercial, entrepreneurial and creative clients with many different directions and interests.

As an interested professional, he attends comic book, anime, and gaming shows regularly like San Diego Comic Con, LA Anime Expo, Wizard Shows, etc.  Clients have included AUFA, Dernworks, Aggressive Comics, Forcewerks, High Octane Theatre, Time Warner Cable, Comcast Cable, Adelphia Media, Haven Talent, Radarlock Games, Star Kreative Advertising and many others.

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GRAPHICS Illustrations To specifications Adult and Children Books Customized quote
COMICS Single Panel Cartoons To specifications Newspapers, Blogs, Articles Customized quote
COMICS Comic Strips To specifications Newspapers


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COMICS Comic Books To specifications Commercial

Major Comic Books

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