When I graduated college at the University of Tulsa in Communications, for a brief time, I worked for a professional recruiting agency. In other words, I was a headhunter. There I learned a lot of their strategies for promoting their clientele. Not too long afterwards, I launched a business-to-business service agency, where I sold various services, including printing, typesetting, advertising, secretarial and resume services.

During this time, I studied books on resumes and job search services and I chose the very best techniques for drafting the most perfect documents for serious seekers for a job, for funding or grant-related purposes, or for inclusion in investor-oriented offerings or even curriculum vitas for professional academic or scientific vocations. After that, before I started this freelance writing business, I worked in Internet marketing, advertising, public relations, radio producing/hosting, film producing screenwriting and trade brokering. I continue to work on proprietary projects related to film producing and broadcasting.

I have personally dealt with hundreds of business owners, CEO’s and managers for the past thirty years. All of these types of activities have given me a unique perspective on what business owners want from their employees and how to deliver a product in a cogent, state-of-the-art way that will put your resume on the top of dozens of others.

We have done resumes for many types of occupations and professions like-

  • Public Relations Officers

  • Bank Officials

  • Pharmaceutical Employees

  • Sports and Clinical Dieticians

  • Event Cpordiators

  • Sales Managers

  • Administrative Assistant

  • General Manager – Software

  • Real Estate Receptionist

  • Procurement Manager

  • Business Consultant- Media Company

  • Entertainment Marketer


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$ 150
$ 250


Post from an IT Professional located in Paris:

“Johnny delivered a perfect result on time (even despite the time-zones difference). Johnny was highly professional and I would not hesitate to use him again. Indeed strongly recommend Johnny “

“His work was awesome. This is the guy you “want” to redo your resume and cover letters. I would recommend him to anyone and I already have. It was well worth the money and I wish I had done it years ago. If you want a professional resume and cover letter, hire Mr. Blue Star. He knows how to get the job done right.. . . Attorney Jeanne Fugate.

Client Said:

“Johnny is great -period. Talented, efficient, and a pleasure to deal with. While I’ve enjoyed a lengthy and successful career, I hadn’t had to write a resume for 15 years and found the prospect surprisingly daunting. Through a rather lengthy interview process, Johnny helped me distill a coherent through-line that encompassed my multi-hatted career. Then, in just a few drafts, we -he, really- created a solid document, which with a minimum of tweaking I could use for nearly any creative job that bears on Social Media, Advertising, or Multi-Channel Marketing. I very much look forward to working with him again.”

Another client described his experience with me:

“I connected with Johnny… when it became necessary for me to produce a resume. I posted my project and had several responses, Johnny’s being first. I then provided additional information and contact information to the responders and again, Johnny was first, not just by email this time, he called me. That initially impressed me. I then proceeded to grant the bid to Johnny which began a delightful 2 day’s journey. Johnny began by offering his honest reaction to my resume and gave me a sense of the direction we needed to take. He had me perform several short exercises on my own, each time giving him more and more information he could use in building my resume. Not only did the exercises help him but they enabled me to be more aware of my experiences and skills that would attract employers. Johnny also has a true talent for forming succinct phrases that highlighted my successes, core competencies and detailed work history. Thanks, Johnny for all your help, I without reservation highly recommend Johnny Blue Star. Jamey French – Dayton, Ohio

Marketing executive, Jonathan Gulla, said,

“WOW! That one word best describes the great job I received from movie writer. They were pro-active and I liked that. The moment they were awarded the bid, I received e-mail with the next step to take. I happened to be at my computer. He responded by phone and discussed what the plan of action should be to condense my Resume and developed two separate ones. After a phone consultation, I was pleasantly surprised to find my newly developed resumes the same evening in my Inbox, done in the format I requested. No long wait for completion and very accurate work. I’ll be inviting you to bid on all my written projects.” Jonathan Gulla, Pres. Cornerstone Marketing System

Bickara, after receiving his Executive Resume, said,

“The most unbelievable experience I have had every over elance. Do not miss this opportunity. Sign up ASAP, do not wait.”

ThisBuyer from New Zealand said this about my bio, “The service provider delivered an excellent result on time (even despite the time-zones difference). The service provider was highly professional and I would not hesitate to use them again.”

This is what the owner of a video company, had to say about his resume,

“Professional. Talented. Experienced. and ON TIME! Working with Johnny was the best decision for copywriting I have ever made. He not only wrote a resume for me, but also gave suggestions on how to look and apply for jobs. He went above and beyond the call of duty for this one. You can be sure I will be doing more work with him in the future. If you’re looking for the BEST VALUE per DOLLAR, he’s the one.

This letter was sent to me regarding the work I did on her resume…

Dear Johnny , I want to thank you for the superb job you have done on helping me with my resume,  and doing your magic. I am thrilled with the end result and will be proud to send it out, knowing it represents me well. I knew it was a difficult task that I had given you – since I have done so much and my experiences are so multi-variant! But you did it, and for that I thank you very much. 

For anyone that is reading this testimonial, Johnny is a wonderful writer. I have used him for several projects (press releases, media kit, white paper)  and he is an absolute wizard turning concepts into words. He writes with passion and heart, and you will be very happy you have used his services. Besides, he is a really nice person and does what he says he is going to do.  In my book, that is extremely important!

Thanks again Johnny. Feel free to give my contact info out to anyone that requests it.


Alexandra Saunders
Send Me An Angel

Comments received from Mohamed ElhadBen

“First of all, Mr. Johnny Blue Star is a really business person and like help people. He surprised me for his openess and wilingness to help me with my project. We put a lot amount of time, working together and make the project done. Working with Johnny Blue Star was a very productive experience for me. A resume is a very personal thing and really requires someone to write it who is willing to take the time and energy to make it right. In my case, there was a certain amount of technical details required to add carefully and strategically to my background information and Johnny was willing to carefully formulate that and everything else with my help.”

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