Over the past few weeks, thousands and thousands of professional staff of a wide range of industries have been compelled to stay at home because of the novel corona virus pandemic. Although it is impossible for any one company to handle all these needs, we have promised ourselves that we will promise each client that uses our services the same careful and considerate attention we have always prided ourselves in. In order to promote this service, we have chosen New Galaxy Enterprises who we believe to fully understand that at every stage of our involvement with new clients, including the original promotion of our services to new clients, we want quality and care in the approach, which clearly mirrors our promise of scrupulous attention to our client’s IT and computer needs.

In a number of recent situations, our clients have asked us to assist an entire group of staff members who are now working from home. When we have clients with these needs, we try to address each and every member as quickly as possible with the objective that they are all on the same page as others in their department.

Prior to a phone conversation, it would be useful for you to answer a few quick questions in the following contact form. If we feel that your situation warrants further investigation, we can set up an appointment. Please understand that the way we are likely to fix this is by using remote access to your computer by a special program. Most likely, at this time you can, if you like, sit and watch what we are doing.

Before we go into respond to what specific problems you might have with your computer, let me mention two items of great usefulness that we offer in addition to specific items of your concern:

Before we respond to the specific problems we will be addressing, let me mention two packages of great usefulness that we offer in addition to specific items of your concern:

PACKAGE 1: Managed Services $35/month

We watch over hardware and software, so you don’t have to. Viruses get automatically removed, Patches automatically installed, and unexpected hardware failures get prevented. Here is the package…

  • Enterprise-Grade Antivirus
  • Patch Management
  • Document Backup
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Automated computer repair for common problems
  • Early Hardware Failure detection.

PACKAGE 2 Online Backup

Though the concept may be a little scary at first, online backup has a lot of advantages. Consistent backup’s, ​offsite security, detailed reporting, and multiple revisions just to name a few. We’ll help you find the right online backup to best fit your needs, all the features you need at the very best price. ​

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